Asbiro International Programme 2014/2015 Networking

Michael Krajewski

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  • Venue: Dawes Road Hub 20 Dawes Road Fulham London SW6 7EN
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Michael Krajewski, a graduate of 2 faculties at the Warsaw University of Technology. His ambition was to join the Polish army as an officer, however being born in South Africa automatically gave him dual nationality. For this reason his application was rejected twice. Feeling let down, he decided to move to London and in 2007 joined a design and engineering company. His ambition was to launch his own venture where he could implement his groundbreaking ideas with ease in order to improve service and value for his clients. After being 6 years in business, his company has been restructured for growth and has become the market leader in London. In his spare time Michael enjoys orienteering and adventure racing.

Michael will speak about:
a) His own experiences in starting and growing a business.
b) Building a scalable business

Learning outcome for employee:
Learn how Michael has made the transition from being an employee to starting a successful business.

Learning outcome for startups:
Learn about my mistakes and how to structure your company, so that it is not owner dependant and therefore ready for scalability.

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