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    Kasia Okołowicz
    Student Liaison Officer

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  • Lecturers

    • Jakub Baczek

      Entrepreneur, traveller and writer. International expert of free time animation.

    • Artur Bialy

      Entrepreneur, information security specialist. IT project management expert.

    • Mike Bisby

    • Lina Bourdon

      Lina began her business journey in the Ukraine. She studied Law and Philology before arriving in the UK. Today she is the MD of the exceptionally successfully and award winning City and Country Financial Services practice in North London. She is exceptionally proactive on the London speaking circuit and also in the Federation of Small Business in Islington. Lina has a tremendous story to share that is an inspiration to anyone looking to build a business.

    • Sonia Brown

    • Andrzej Burzynski

      Pastor and entrepreneur; runs his institute of personal development and business coaching. An author of the books: ‘Life full of passion’ and ‘I invest in real estates’.

    • Eileen Ceceres

    • Ian R. Davison

    • Darek Drewiecki

    • David Duncan

    • Tomasz Dyl

    • Jarrod Faulkner

    • Jan Fijor

      Entrepreneur and traveller. The best real estate agent in Chicago. He runs his own publishing company ‘Fijor Publishing’.

    • Vaida Filmanaviciute

      Vaida Filmanaviciute is serial entrepreneur and business woman, originally from Lithuania she moved to London in 2005. Vaida is a founder of The Islington Company, an award winning residential property lettings and management agency. She has also organised and hosted various property events. Vaida’s involvement in the SME community has led her to become the youngest ever non-executive director at the Islington Chamber of Commerce. She was also recently elected as the President of the Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in the UK.

    • Merri Jill Finstrom

    • Tamsin Fox-Davies

      Tamsin began her small business journey as a teenager, working weekends and holidays with a series of local small businesses, and held her first marketing position at 14. From that point forward, business ideas and marketing strategies have never been far from her mind. Following a Masters degree at Glasgow University, Tamsin set up her first business after just 2 1/2 years in full-time employment, and hasn’t looked back since.

      10+ years down the line and hundreds of clients later, Tamsin continues to fulfil her passion for helping small businesses by providing expert advice and support for entrepreneurs who want to do their own marketing with professionalism and style. Tamsin is the UK marketing expert for Constant Contact. A prolific blogger on her own site, Tamsin also writes for Women Unlimited and has a regular column in Network She magazine. Tamsin is also an accomplished speaker, having presented at The City Of London Business Library, The British Library, The British Autogenic Society, and The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, amongst others.

      She is married, and lives with her husband and their dog on a boat they found in Finland!

    • Greg Futyma

    • Sebastian Fuz

      Entrepreneur. Director of ‘City & Country Financial Services’, an Independent Financial Advisory firm based in London. A very keen networker, a football fan and a dad of a beautiful princess called Eliza.

    • Hayley Gillbard

      Hayley has set her company up in 2008 at just 18 years of age. Today the business is a medium sized enterprise with 50 plus employees.

    • Debra Gotch

    • Karen Haller

    • Kamila Hankiewicz

    • Brian Holroyd

    • Christopher Janowski

      An experienced coach, entrepreneur, business consultant, motivational speaker, passionate about the psychology of success and personal change based on a balance between family, work / business, health, entertainment and interpersonal relations. One of the few in Poland Practitioner and Master Time Line Therapy. Crossing the boundaries of their \"own I\", inspires, motivates, constantly believing that life is an adventure for the brave or nothing. With public speaking and coaching is related to a number of years, by his training over hundreds of people, groups performed before calculating up to 800 participants. Even in college opened its first company. From the very beginning of the growing success of several branches of business. The most recognizable face is to conduct business consulting and training in the field of personality development.

    • Mark Johnson

      Entrepreneur and real property investor. Owner of ‘MrSparkles’ – big cleaning company based in Chesterfield.

    • Wojtek Kaczyk

    • Jozef Kolodziejczak

    • Wojciech Kolodziejczak

    • Maria Kompanowski

    • Marek Kosewski

      Well known polish university lecturer specializing in the processes of employee-employer relations.

    • Marek Kowalczyk

      Marek Kowalczyk is an expert in on-time project management with Goldratt’s critical chain method. He and his team have helped deliver Europe’s largest IPO — that of the Polish Energy Group — to an ‘impossible’ deadline of seven months (the project team consisted of 2000 people, and its value was $2 billion). Marek is also an entrepreneur (http://mandarine.pl), publisher (http://mintbooks.pl) and TEDx organizer (http://tedxwsb.pl). He teaches Project Management at several universities, including the Polish Academy of Sciences.

    • Michael Krajewski

      Entrepreneur and real property investor. Owner and director of ‘Polsteel Ltd’ – steel manufacturing company based in London.

    • Aleksandra Kruk

    • Jan Kuban

      Entrepreneur. Owner of the big software making company ‘QBS’.

    • Katarzyna Lanucha

    • Pawel Lenar

      Entrepreneur. An author of business books. Communication and business presentation specialist.

    • Khubaib Malik

    • Marcin Matuszewski

      Entrepreneur and personal development specialist. His company teaches the speed reading and fast learning techniques.

    • Rob McPhun

    • Krzysztof Mencel

      Entrepreneur, developer of platform EkoExpo.pl, coach, philosopher.

    • Juraj Modrak

    • Slawek Muturi

      Entrepreneur, financially free real property investor. He met every single country around the world. An author of three bestsellers.

    • Julita Nikonowicz

    • Joao Panciano

      Entrepreneur and scientist. Specialist in the field of employment. Chairman of the Institution of Engineering and Technology for the Manchester Network. He runs his own company ‘Innovation Studio’.

    • Jon Pinkney

      Currently the owner & founder of Evolve Employment In the Humberside region he is recognised as a thought leader in the recruitment sector and has recruited 1000’s of Poles into employment in the UK. He is well known as a sales & marketing specialist. He has been using online marketing & social media too so you will hear working ideas from a strong public speaker Jon is exceptionally well networked and a great contact for anyone looking to make connections.

    • Chris Prusik

      Entrepreneur, owner of interactive agency ‘Good Deal London Ltd’.

    • Kamlesh Rajput

    • Monica Sharma

      Based in London, entrepreneur and real property investor on the Polish and UK\'s market. She built a couple of various businesses.

    • John R. Spence

      Specialist in developing referral and networking skills for businesses and individuals. An author of ‘The Executive Programme in Professional and Business Networking’ – the only accredited learning in the UK.

    • Leszek Stafiej

      Entrepreneur, owner of ‘Stafiej Partnership DKS’ company. Social, marketing and media communication consultant. Co-founder of ‘Radio ZET’ – one of the most popular radio in Poland.

    • Remigiusz Stanislawek

      Entrepreneur, finance and investment fund specialist. He runs his investment consulting company.

    • Paulina Sygulska

      Paulina is a serial entrepreneur a sales woman from hell and a networking junkie. She founded GrantTree in 2010 to help tech start-ups get equity free funding from the government, which has been growing 300% year on year and has raised over £11m for 300+ companies to date. She is also a known speaker on the startup scene and a blogger on http://www.prowess.org.uk After hours, she likes to indulge in cabaret and performance art. After all, isn’t a showgirl a twin of a business woman?

    • Sheikh Taufique

      Sheikh has been involved in the employment and recruitment industry, both in the corporate and third sector for many years now. He is more than experienced with additional expertise and qualifications and has worked with a variety of prestigious organisations including: Probe Direct in Hull, Working Links in Leeds, Reed in Partnership in Doncaster, Leeds, Bradford, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Shaw Trust CDG, Learn Direct and more recently has been a keynote speaker at The Federation of Small Businesses.

    • David Taylor

      Married to Pamela, with whom he operates a very successful multi-level, network-marketing business with over 500 distributors.

      Has 2 sons, Jeremy and Marcus. Jeremy is a Brand Director for a PLC that operates in 27 countries, capitalised at £2billion. Marcus is a Vice President of an American Mergers and Acquisitions company. In 2012 he was responsible for over $10billion of transactions

      David has 40 years’ experience of operating businesses – 20 years as a Director/CEO of car dealerships or dealership groups. From 1992 was Director/Main Shareholder in the Motor Trade’s most prestigious management consultancy, commissioned by many of the industry’s leading dealership groups, plus manufacturers such as Land Rover, Mercedes, VW/Audi, Peugeot, Nissan etc

      He brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and connections to the table.

    • Pawel Tkaczyk

      Entrepreneur, CEO of advertising agency MIDEA

    • Weronika Tofilska

    • Colin Tweedie

    • Pawel Urbanski

      Entrepreneur, programmer, the first blind man who won the Kilimanjaro and many other peaks.

    • Nadine Waehning

    • Tony Ward

      Owner and Managing Director at ‘Force 10 Recruitment Ltd’ – specialist recruitment agency that assists ex armed force personal. Also director of ‘Force 10 Property Management’ – Yorkshire property management & letting agent.

    • Jacek Weigl

      Entrepreneur, owner of ‘Samuel’ – chain of preschools, schools and high schools.

    • Maciej Wisniewski

      Part time entrepreneur, professional tourist. Working from home, teaching people how to have more life in theirs life. There are two major factors in Maciej’s life: sport and business. Experiences from them had big influence on today’s Maciej’s philosophy in both: life and work. Maciej started his career in direct selling, was later involved in several businesses, in Poland and in UK. He also has experience from organising music and sports events.

    • Tadeusz Witkowicz

      Entrepreneur, American billionaire born in Poland. He built and sold three companies. Two of them put on NASDAQ.

    • Ben Wright

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